Is Your Story Worth Telling?



As many of you know, I’m writing a book. I love writing it because it has its high points, its low points, its funny points, and its extremely idiotic points. But it is in these times when I’m writing my story that I stop and wonder: what if I’m the only one that finds this appealing? After all, they’re my stories, so I’m going to enjoy them the most, right?

We all have stories to tell. I am a firm believer that God has equipped each and every one of us with a creative capacity to live life like it is a story worth telling. But unfortunately, our notion of what a good story is changes a lot. We are immersed in a culture where we always watch movies that expose us to the idea that in order to have a good story, we have to be superhuman, or we have to travel all over the world, etc. etc.


But I find beauty in the simplicity. Why? Because I believe in the greatness of the God who sets our story into motion. I believe God weaves together stories that portray His character, His heart, and ultimately, the glory of His story, which is the Gospel. Every story, little or big, gets absorbed into His story, and any story that gets to share in just a bit of this is definitely worth telling.


So yes, I do believe your story is worth telling. Every one’s story is worth telling. But not many people believe this for themselves. When considering the worth of our story, we are our own worst enemy.


So for those of you struggling with the question of whether your story is worth telling, here are three questions to ask yourself:


1. Is there a theme behind my story?

Often times, we like seeing the big picture. From the beginning, into the conflict, and in the resolution, we all love to see a thread tie the story together.

There is a theme to every story. If you struggle to find it, don’t isolate yourself to one event. Draw yourself out to see the big picture behind all the stories that make up your life.


2. Is there a redemptive aspect to my story?

I love seeing the hero prevail in a story. I love seeing when things go wrong, but at one point in time, everything comes together at the end. I look for the redemption in stories.

I believe every story has a redemptive quality to it. If you’re struggling to find out what the redemptive quality to your story is, look to see all the points in which you overcame some obstacle or made the most out of some pain. Look at all the low points in your life, and look at who you are today.

A story of redemption is always worth telling.


3. Can people relate to my story?

Once you find your theme and redemptive aspect, look around to see if your story can relate with people. I can almost guarantee that someone out there in the world struggled with a problem similar to yours.

So when you’re telling your story, speak to this person. Invite them to see the big picture. Invite them to step into a better future. And most importantly, invite them to also share their story.


When you answer these three questions for yourself, you’ll find that your story is more than worth telling. It’s absolutely essential for the betterment of our society.


We all live great stories, but there are times when that voice in our head tries to stifle our story and have it not affect the greater community. Silence this voice by asking yourself these three questions. And by all means, please, tell your story. I would love to hear from you the story of your life that you are dying to tell.


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