What the Faith of Tomorrow Really Cares About

Tomorrow's Faith

My feet tremble as they’re getting ready to cross from the threshold of being coddled by yesterday’s college experience and move onto the grim reality of the real world. We all hear about it- how the real world is nothing more than a boring nine to five job that sucks all substance from your life until you’re rejuvenated by the return home, only to repeat the process in the morning. It’s enough to make my feet, which were born to run, tremble.

As I left college, I told myself that I wouldn’t be a product of society. I won’t be someone who is merely told to produce because that is all life is. I’ve seen those types of people. The people who long for a glimmer of hope every Sunday morning. As I get lost in the bags laid heavy beneath their darkened eyes, I start to think: maybe this is why church is held on Sunday mornings. Because people need hope as they begin to reengage the work week.

I told myself I didn’t want someone who simply latch onto the faith because it gave me the hope necessary to produce well in the structure of someone else’s dreams for society. No, I want to produce myself. I want the faith to reinforce my dream, my vision for society.

I want to change the world.

I have the tools necessary. I have a willing spirit, a powerful God, and an all-encompassing truth to guide me. So what am I missing? Better yet, what are we missing?

To how many of us is faith just a way to be even more comforted by the cushion of the American dream? To how many of us is faith merely a solace rather than a world-changing power?

This is what we’re missing: the faith necessary to implement radical change in this world.

This is a struggle to recover- and yes, it needs to be recovered. So much of life after college tells us that we need to make money and a living for ourselves. These aren’t bad things, but they are forces that stifle our ability to really implement true change. When we become too focused on this voice from society, we begin to produce what someone else tells us to rather than produce what we were born to give the world.

We need to take a hold of the world-changing power the faith possesses. We need to embrace the faith of tomorrow.

The “faith of tomorrow,” as I like to call it, is a faith in Christianity that emphasizes the world-changing capacity that a faith in God naturally holds. If we are to embrace the faith of tomorrow, we as millennials, have to find relevance and appeal to it.

I believe that there are three new ways that millennials are now connecting with the faith. If you want to engage millennials with the faith of tomorrow, there are three things the faith must answer for them.

1. STORY– Living a meaningful life

We, as millennials, now NEED to find meaning for our lives early on. We want to read our lives like a story- where a character overcomes conflict and grows in the process. We need this holistic view of our lives, otherwise we suffer in our work. Faith needs to show how we find meaning in the faith and how we are continuing the story of the Gospel.

2. PASSION– Driven by our dreams

We need to be able to have something that compels us, something that stirs our souls so violently that it makes it hard to sleep at night. Faith needs to answer where we find our passion.

3. POTENTIAL– Make an impact on the world

We need to believe we have the ability to make a difference. But we don’t need to only believe this. We, if compelled by our passion enough, should act on this. Faith should step in to show us that we have inherently possessed the capability to make waves in our society.

This is why older generations complain about younger generations losing the faith- because they don’t strive to help the younger generations find relevance with the faith in these three areas.

This is what the faith of tomorrow will look like. Join me on my blog as I continue to write on how living a faith that answers these three areas requires us to redefine commonly understood terminology usually associated with the faith.

Now as I look forward to bear hug the future suspended in front of me, I no longer tremble with a lack of purpose. This is what I was born to do, and thankfully, I am supported by a faith that allows me to reach the highest of heights.

How do you feel your faith answers these three areas? Leave a reply below.


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