You Might be a Millennial Christian If . .


The other day I stumbled upon my list of “Things Christians Do” that I jotted down over the past couple years because I knew they would be funny some day. So today, I unveil to you, my growing list of the hilarious things millennial Christians say or do!

I show this to you because I believe it’s necessary to laugh at ourselves sometimes. If you’re offended, then I am genuinely sorry. But for now, lets laugh at how far we’ve come as a generation.

You might be a millennial Christian if . . .

  1. Your youth group is named after a verb.
  2. You believe Rob Bell is the devil.
  3. You believe Rob Bell is your hero.
  4. No matter what you believe about Rob Bell, you can dig his glasses.
  5. You are concerned about whether you should be dating or courting.
  6. It irks you that your church doesn’t have fair trade coffee.
  7. Your daily devotional is the Bible verse your pastor posts on Twitter each morning.
  8. You do that devotional at Starbucks.
  9. You turn on Lecrae for pump up music.
  10. You wonder which Instagram filter you should use for the picture of the Bible verse you just took.
  11.  You use language like “initiate” or “respond” when you talk about dating.
  12. Your tattoo is either a Bible verse or a lyric from a popular worship song.
  13. You tattooed that lyric on you because you didn’t hear the song on Christian mainstream radio.
  14. Love wins.
  15. Love does.
  16. Your favorite song from the worship service on Sunday was the one with the guitar solo.
  17. You believe Facebook is killing your prayer life.
  18. You wish the Gospel was more relevant.
  19. You wish your church was more relevant.
  20. You thought the last message you heard was relevant.
  21. You don’t know what “relevant” even means anymore.
  22. You tweet unto others as you would like to be tweeted.
  23. You do all your fundraising over social media.
  24. Your church meets in an elementary school.
  25. The Bible app on your phone is set to The Message translation.
  26. You experience extreme disappointment when you want to go to Chik-fil-a after church.
  27. You keep your prayer list on your iPhone so you never forget it.
  28. You’re an ethnic person in ministry and at some point in time somebody has told you, “You’re the next Francis Chan!” Or if you’re Indian like me, “You’re the next Ravi Zecharias!”
  29. You know what the pastor blogged on last night.
  30. You have a blog of your own and you follow your pastor’s blog.
  31. You try to squeeze out all the spirituality you can from organizations like Toms and Invisible Children.
  32. You follow Jesus and Hood Jesus on Twitter.
  33. Your pastor preaches from an iPad . . . mini.
  34. People think you’re texting during the service when you’re actually reading the Bible from your phone.
  35. Skyping in to your small group is actually a thing.
  36. When you’re fasting, you avoid Instagram so you don’t have to see all the pictures people post of their food.
  37. You think Jeremiah 29:11 is about you.
  38. When you move, you MUST find the closest coffee shop and bookstore.
  39. You know all about Nicholas Cage rebooting the Left Behind series.
  40. You share this post on social media.

Reply below to add to the list! What are some characteristics of millennial Christians you can think of?


9 thoughts on “You Might be a Millennial Christian If . .

  1. So glad you had a link in your sidebar to this post 🙂 I tweeted my pastor recently to tell him I was tweeting his message during the service, not texting. I feel like that gets me a bonus point, yes?

  2. Thanks Jaymie! That is definitely a bonus. There are even some pastors who encourage their congregation to tweet during the message. That should’ve been up there! Haha

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