The Most Cryptic Word of our Generation

CrypticThis is a guest post I wrote for my friend, David Valentine. This only a sneak peek, so if you want to read the rest, follow the link at the bottom over to his blog.

While I was attending a seminar of the author, Donald Miller, I stumbled across an ambiguous term- one that is undoubtedly facing a shifting paradigm in the way older and younger generations communicate with each other. In this seminar, as the question and answer time rolled around, a student asked, “Do you find meaning in Jesus?” Don paused and then replied, “No.”

Meaning is a very cryptic word, and much to my surprise, I heard one of my favorite authors just say that he didn’t find meaning in Jesus. I thought as if the earth beneath my ground had shaken. Everything I believed to be cool about Donald Miller evaporated in the ensuing silence of his answer. He then went on to explain how we need to carefully define meaning.

All of this made me curious, so I decided to dive into more of his works and find out just what having a sense of meaning really means. Having studied Viktor Frankl’s research on the topic, Don explains that people experience meaning when they have three things: (1) a project to work on that captures our passions and in some way serves others, (2) a community, family, or partner to share love with, and (3) a redemptive perspective on our suffering.

If you look at this, it doesn’t say that you need Jesus, God, and Christianity to experience meaning. So here is the question burning in my mind: is it possible to experience a meaningful life without faith?

Read the rest over at David Valentine’s blog!


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