What Is The Motive Behind Your Passion?


“I will build my name if it builds the name of Jesus all the more,” a pastor once told me.

This statement walks the fine line between serving the self and serving a higher purpose. If he trips, I’m afraid he’ll end up on the wrong side of things- performing his passion to purely serve himself. We all walk this line, so I ask you: what is the motive behind your passion?

The line between serving a selfish motive and a greater purpose is obscure. Sometimes our selfishness is so sneaky that it actually fools us into thinking we are serving a greater purpose when we are actually serving our selves. To combat this, we have to bring the line into clarity and firmly plant the foundation of our passion on the side where it will be nourished and grow to influence the desired audience.

I don’t believe in a selfish motive because I don’t believe in what it seeks to gain. The only person it wants to help is the self. Helping society is an afterthought.

In my experience, I found that the more altruistic a passion is, the more depth it has. The more depth it has, the more power it has to affect a positive change on our society. If your passion is truly grounded on a genuine desire to impact culture, you can make people bleed change with how you wield your craft. All it takes is belief in something greater than your self.

If you truly want your passion to be of any worth, instead of walking the line as a tightrope, bring it into clarity and boldly choose the side which impacts more than your self.

Is your passion for selfish gain or for a greater purpose? If you struggle in how obscure you find that line to be, tell your story below.


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