How Creativity Can Change The World


The other day, I was reminded how I had been writing stories ever since I first learned how to write. Since birth, I have been a creative- someone who wields the power to create.

But as I grew older, the voices of the world infiltrated my passion. I had constantly been told that writing is not something that brings in money, and because of this, it should be pushed aside. I silenced my calling and tried pursuing other things. But my passion yelled to me through a megaphone, and I couldn’t ignore the call.

The world told me I couldn’t be an influence through writing, but the creativity resonating in my core told me otherwise.

Creativity can change the world.

But how? Creativity gives us the power to create. It is a mistake to only sanction off creativity to refer to the arts. We can create in any situation. Whether it is forming a relationship with someone you might not normally associate with or producing something of worth after pouring yourself into that project. Creativity abounds in all situations.

The key to creativity is creating where there is no life. This is the thinking outside of the box feature that we normally associate with creativity. Areas with no life produce death, and death longs to suck the substance of the life-giving power creativity possesses.

Death is in money- holding us back from achieving our passion.

Death is in time- constricting us to be limited.

Death is in burnout- suffocating the ability to create.

Creativity is how we combat this deadly foe that is present everywhere.

Don’t allow death to suck your passion dry. Don’t allow money to hold you back from pursuing your dreams. Don’t let people promote death when they tell you that you can’t live up to your potential. Dare to create by expanding the boundaries of creativity and falling into that power present in your very being.

Where do you see death at work? What is holding you back in your creativity? Reply below.


4 thoughts on “How Creativity Can Change The World

  1. God is the ultimate Creative Being. Since we are made in His image, then it stands to reason that the desire and need to be creative is built into our DNA! This quote by Dorothy Sayers explains it with much more clarity: “Is it [man’s] immortal soul, his rationality, his self-consciousness, his free will, or what, that gives him a claim to this rather startling distinction [of being made in God’s image]? A case may be argued for all these elements in the complex nature of man. But had the author of Genesis anything particular in mind when he wrote? It is observable that in the passage leading up to the statement about man, he has given no detailed information about God. Looking at man he sees in him something essentially divine, but when we turn back to see what he says about the original upon which the ‘image’ of God was modeled, we find only the single assertion, ‘God created’. The characteristic common to God and man is apparently that: the desire and the ability to make things.”

  2. I’ve been reading a lot of Dorothy Sayers to research for this series I’m doing on creativity. Stay tuned and you’ll hear more from her!
    Thanks for your awesome comment. I truly believe we can make a difference if we see the creativity that is so apparent in our being.

  3. I’ve been reading “Art for God’s Sake” by Philip Graham Ryken. Also, books by Francis Schaeffer like “The God Who is There” and his wife, Edith Schaeffer, “The Hidden Art of Home-making”, which is actually about art and creativity! Looking forward to reading your thoughts : )

  4. ” We can create in any situation. Whether it is forming a relationship with someone you might not normally associate with… Creativity abounds in all situations.”

    I love that you mention another way of “creating”, especially in regards to relationships with others. In my passion, I deal with people. I come I to contact with many different types of personalities, perspectives, and ways of understanding. It takes extreme creativity to imagine something different from the world you have always known- it takes creative effort to put on someone else’s shoes, and imagine what their life must be like from their perspective, not from my own perspective.

    I would say another form of death is ethnocentrism, or believing that one’s way of life is the ONLY, correct way to live. This death is in closing off one’s mind to other possibilities. If creativity a way to change the world, we must come to terms that there are billions of people in this world, and therefore different perspectives on how to change it. A combination of ideas may be better than one alone. Free your mind from the stigma of your own life to love creatively, and to change the world alongside others.

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