When You’re Not Paid For Your Passion


This post is by my good friend (and best designer I know), Josh Jack Carl. Check out his Twitter, Facebook, and the two organizations he started, Rise Up Resources and From the Soul For the Glory, to get a glimpse of his inspiring life.

How do you go from working your dream job to working the worst job you have ever had? If you’re like me, you go kicking and screaming. It’s easy to praise God when you are doing what you love.

I went from working 4 years at the perfect job, working at home, traveling the country, hanging out with students on missions trips, to waiting tables at a Buffalo Wild Wings. This is typically not the desired career path anyone would care to take or deem successful. Nor was this path by choice. My dream job ended when it merged with a different company and it was no longer offered to me anymore. So what do you do? You look for a new job, you start high, then after the first set of declines, you go lower and lower, till eventually you’re waiting tables at a Buffalo Wild Wings for $2.13 an hour.

Serving tables is one of the worst jobs anyone will ever have. People are rude, disrespectful, and cheap. (Side note: most servers make $2.13 an hour. Their tips are their wages, it’s not a bonus or extra money on the side. Please keep that in mind.) The work days are often long (15-18 hours if you’re pulling a double), the money is minimal, and you’re not always guaranteed any kind of break. I was barely scraping by. About 3 months in, after selling numerous possessions just to break even on rent, I acquired a second job, which I also hated. I worked 7 days a week with no days off for the next 9 months. That will get to you.

Where do you find God in all that? How do you praise God after working both jobs from 8am to 1am, you’re exhausted, you didn’t make as much as you might have needed to and all you can do at the end of the day is sit in you car, scream at the top of your lungs and beg God with tears pouring out, for him to deliver you away from this all?

It’s not easy.

You may not like your job, and I have some harsh words for you. God never promised you an easy life. He never told you you’d enjoy your job.

So when you no longer get paid for doing what you are passionate about that doesn’t mean you stop doing it! You find ways, you create opportunities. That is when you truly have to tap into your creative power because you have to choose to create life in the most crippling environment. You glorify God with what you have even if it’s not what you want.

Colossians 3:23 reads, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.”

This verse struck to the core of me. It says it all. WHATEVER you do. Not when you’re doing what you love. That has been one of the hardest lessons that I am still learning. I want to go back, I miss my old job, but that is not where He will have me. He has me here, He has me now, and all that I am going through and all that I am experience will all be in vain if I don’t do it all for the glory of God.

You are where you are for a reason. It’s time to stop dwelling on our circumstance and start focusing on the “why?” It’s time to make an impact wherever you are!

And that doesn’t mean you still can’t do what you’re passionate about. You just aren’t getting paid for it. If money was the factor in all this, then you should question exactly how passionate are you about those things.

I love doing graphic design. I refuse to quit even though it’s no longer part of my job. So in my spare time, I created a website that allows me to design to my heart’s content and help out a good cause in the process.

I feel like my story reflects a lot of people’s stories so I’ve created a website for that as well. It’s a reminder that whatever we do, no matter where we are in life, we do it for the glory of God! So please share your story with me at fromthesoulfortheglory.com. I would love to read it and share it with others.


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