One Way To Know You’ve Lost Your Vision


A church I use to work at no longer exists. This didn’t surprise me. When I worked there for a short time while travelling the country, it was very much on its way out. It was dying, and just recently, it kicked the bucket.

One thought that came through my mind was: how did they know they were on their way out? There are the obvious signs like dwindling attendance, no church life, or no programs. But the real reason underlying the death was the church’s lost vision. They forgot why they were a church.

You always hear the warning of “don’t lose sight of your vision” circulating around. It’s a common rule. But there are times when in pursuing your dream you’re not aware that you’re losing your vision. One way to know you’ve lost your vision is this:

You’re comfortable.

A true and deep vision costs us. In carrying out your vision, you are stretched, burdened, and challenged to the point where it pains you. And as you might grow successful in your vision and learn to carry it out in an efficient manner that costs you less, you can’t ignore the fact that it still costs you something. When it reaches the point where you don’t sacrifice anything for your vision, you’ve lost it.

Comfort is at odds with your vision, not the end goal of it. When comfort becomes the end goal for your vision, you’ve lost. Instead, let peace become your end goal. Let the peace of you knowing that you are exactly where you belong be the goal you strive for. When you are at peace with your vision, you are in the perfect position to affect radical change on our society and the world.

Are you comfortable with where your vision is leading you? Reply below if you struggle with comfort in your vision.


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