The Best Thing For Your Creativity

Yellow Pad

The senior pastor that I work with at my church keeps mountains upon mountains of yellow pads for writing at the front desk of the office. During meetings, he would scribble down sentences and continually flip the pages until it was time for another yellow pad. I questioned this until he gave me a yellow pad for myself. 

I believe it is the prospect of having an infinite number of yellow pads that keeps me from erasing, but whatever it is, not erasing is the best thing I could have ever done for my creativity. My pastor told me that he writes on yellow pads because he can keep writing and writing until he reaches a final product at the end of a very long thought process. He doesn’t like the delete key.


The delete key is our enemy when it comes to creating.


My fingers always dance on over to the delete key to erase all the thoughts that I previously jotted down. The problem with that is I never can build off of my previous thought. Instead, I construct an entirely different sentence with no relation to the forgotten erased statement of the past.


I lost my ability to trace thoughts and progress. Instead, I delete and replace. Why do we do this? This isn’t how we live life. We don’t delete and replace. That would be a boring story to live. Instead, we learn and grow from our mistakes. So when we write stories, why do we make a habit of this?


We live and write a better story when we stray away from the delete key.


So I encourage you to trace your thoughts all the way through. Don’t touch the delete key. Or go out and buy yourself a yellow pad. Keep writing till you reach the goldmine of ideas waiting for you like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Fight the temptation to delete your creation.


Do you struggle with deleting ideas? Does the delete key have a hold on you? Reply below.


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