Chasing A Dream When You’re Broke


Sometimes it’s hard to see whether I’m running away from reality or running towards it. My writing could be an investment for a better future, or it could be a total waste of time. As I look at my bank account in relation to my time, it looks like I’m wasting my time chasing a dream- a dream that involves me getting paid to do what I love.

One of my biggest fears in life is that I’ll end up like one of my friends who came up with all these creative business ventures and then failed in bringing an income to support his family. I don’t want to be like this.

The other day, someone told me to quit writing. I almost did.

It takes up too much time, and if I continue on this path, I’ll end up just like my friend. While I considered the thought, a quick sensation slapped me back into perspective.

This isn’t who I was made to be. When forming me with His own hands, God never intended for my passion, the very essence of my being, to yield to money.

I need to change culture. I need to make a difference. I need to follow my gifts out into completion.

These are the things I need. Money can wait.

Unfortunately, I’m at a time where my passion and money are at odds with each other. In my current state, I can’t reconcile the two. Either my money takes a hit or my passion takes a hit because there is only enough time for one.

So what do we do in situations like this? Do we chase a dream or chase after money?

The answer isn’t so simple. If you are struggling with this question, look at your circumstances and gauge for yourself. Are you providing for your family? Do others depend on your income? Are you in school?

These are questions to consider. As for me, I’m not providing for a family, no one is depending on my finances, and I’m not in school (until September). I am in the perfect position to allow my money to take a toll.

It’s scary to depend on a dream rather than the security of money. It takes a bold leap of faith. But I encourage you, if you are in a position where money is not an obligation for you right now, be dangerous and fall fully into your passion. Let yourself sink into it. Be enveloped in it. Fall deeper and deeper into your passion until you become an expert at it. Once this happens, money will have no choice but to succumb to your ridiculously large, difference making, and world changing passion. All it takes is one step forward without the support of money.

Some of us might wait to take this step until we are in a financially secure spot. This fear that grips us is the true waste of time. Don’t wait to follow your passion! The longer you wait, the more likely your dream is going to slip away from your fingertips. Remember, life only gets harder. The best time other than yesterday to chase after your dream is NOW.


Are you like me? Questioning whether you are wasting your time by following your passion? Reply below.


2 thoughts on “Chasing A Dream When You’re Broke

  1. Such as tough decision. My husband has had to choose to provide for his family rather than follow his passion. He is a trained musician, having been in musicals, plays, operas, and concerts since he was a baby, went to a performing arts high school, went to college for music… and then couldn’t find a good job in the music field. The economy and school systems are making it VERY hard for musicians and music teachers. Then we were married, and rather than prolong his search for a career in music, or spend even more money and get a masters, he chose to get a steady job at a grocery store, which will be reliable, provide for me and our daughter, and open him up to promotions. I really respect him for this hard decision; I’m a musician too, so I know how difficult it must be to give up what you love to do! He decided to do what he felt was right by being a good husband and father first, though, and I feel blessed : )

  2. You definitely should feel blessed! It takes a lot to do that, and hopefully one day he can return to following his passion with you and your daughter encouraging him in every step of the way! What a great story! Thanks for sharing!

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