Stop Multitasking


I was swamped with work. So naturally, I tried doing everything at once.

At the end of the day, I was exhausted, beaten by my work, but glad that it was over with. When I returned home that night, I read over everything that I had worked on that day. What I found was surprising.

All my work was crap.

It was some of the dirtiest, messiest, most horrible writing I had ever produced. So I trashed it all and washed my hands clean of such filth.

Multitasking screwed me over.

There is a dark side to multitasking that we often fail to see. We promote multitasking like it will help us get the best product out there, but in reality, we are too busy focusing on everything to give one task our full attention.

In our age of social media, smartphones, and distractions galore, we have lost our ability to fully concentrate on one thing at a time. Not only is our productivity and  creativity suffering from this, but our life is suffering from this as well.

When we introduce too many voices into our lives, it’s hard to listen to the ones that really matter. For me, multitasking makes it hard to listen to the voice that guides me- God. I personally believe that God, the Being who breathed our creative passion into us, is the one who should be inspiring the way we produce. Not these other tasks and voices.

Multitasking clouds our ability to hear what’s really important. [Tweet that by clicking here]

When you find yourself tripping into the territory of multitasking, take some time off. Take a walk outside. Read a book. Pray even. Silence yourself to find the voice that really matters to you, and listen to what it is speaking into your life. You know you found it when your passion, your very reason for working, becomes amplified like it’s being yelled through a megaphone. We can reengage our work and produce something of worth once we hear our passion clearly and allow it to give our work the vibrancy it needs to thrive.

Multitasking is an obstruction to hearing the voice that enables us to create efficiently and effectively. [Tweet this]

So stop Instagramming, stop Facebooking, stop Tweeting, and CREATE.

. . . But not before you share this post over social media!


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