Help Me Write My New Book


Hey fellow supporters of mine!

I could use your help as I move on in writing my new book, How We’ve Changed Jesus. If you could choose three answers for me in the poll below, it would greatly help me out.

Also, if you feel led to share about your selection, reply below! Your reply could be featured in the book.

And please, share this post to help me in my process. Thank you!


2 thoughts on “Help Me Write My New Book

  1. The Bible can be interpreted many ways, but I think it’s most accurate when we stop taking a single verse out of context by trying to make an entire political or worldview doctrine out of it. Jesus is not an emblem of a new government, not your hipster best friend, not your rebellious revolutionary, not your religious teacher, not your thundering angry moralist, not a happy-go-lucky hippy. Who is he? Let’s look at all of Scripture to get a good view, and look honestly, without making it about what we want him to be for our own selfish gain.

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