New Blog Series Introduction: Forward Faith

Forward Faith Series

What This Series Is About

An older gentleman asked me the other day what problem does the millennial generation have with faith. I told him that I don’t believe the millennial generation has a problem with faith per se.  They just see faith in an entirely different lens.

The church is evolving. Millennials who picture the faith differently are now stepping up to the forefront of Christianity and are taking their place as leaders. They are leading the institution into the unknown, where growth is bound to happen.

But just where is the church going?

The church is starting to take a hold of counter-movements. The traditional views that once gripped the church are now allowing new innovative thinking to step in. This is not to say that traditional views are wrong. They are just heading in a new direction.

This series seeks to map the counter-movements that are emerging within the church as well as plot the direction the church should go as we move forward into tomorrow. This series is all about how we can move forward with the church.

What This Series Is Not

This series is not me harping on the state of faith today. I love the church, which is why I’m writing this series.

I believe that the Great Commission is becoming more realized within Christianity today. It is causing faith to flourish into a more beautiful and relevant form that we are all blessed to partake in.

This series is committed to God, Jesus Christ, the Bible, and the way all that gets communicated in our society.

What This Series Will Include

This series will include a discussion on how the church of tomorrow will think differently on the following topics:




-Safe Music



-Hateful Truth



And much more!

What You Can Do

My hope is that this series will expand your thinking on how faith is carried out today and how it’ll be tomorrow.

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Thank you for being committed to my blog up to now. As I continue with brave writings to challenge your thinking, please share my posts so they can influence as many people as possible. Spread the word!

This series will start with its first post early next week after a post tomorrow and a special post on my birthday.

We are culture shapers, and with your collaboration, we can drastically influence our society with world-changing faith.

Less Noise, More Faith


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