Why No One Dates Jesus Anymore

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When I was growing up, dating Christian girls was impossible. It felt like every Christian girl back then was dating Jesus. I didn’t even know what that looked like. Would they pray to their boyfriend? Would He pay for dinner just like He paid for our sins?

Almost every Christian guy who had their eye on a girl in their youth group ran into this problem. Imagine pursuing a girl who was taken- by Jesus. We stood no chance. My brother and his friends were so frustrated by this predicament that they wrote a book about it. They called it “Christian Girls for Dummies.” We were planning for it to be a New York Times Bestseller, and I was going to buy the first copy.

That book wouldn’t sell much now days. The Christian dating world has changed with the millennial generation. I don’t hear of many girls dating Jesus now. Either Jesus was dumped (imagine what that would look like) by hordes of women, or something new is arising within Christian relationships.

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3 thoughts on “Why No One Dates Jesus Anymore

  1. I have noticed a 2 distinct camps, at least in my groups of Christian friends. One group really, really wants to get married and will nearly get married just to get married. Then you have a group that is absolutely content on being single and have no interest in dating. Then you have the rest of the single people, who don’t fit in those groups, sitting there thinking, “What?!”

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