Guest Post

I continually look for opportunities for others to use my blog as a tool to get out their message. With that being said, I invite you to submit writing for my readership.

My blog is mainly geared for the millennial culture. While the content can vary depending on what you feel led to write about, here are some topics that I generally like to write about.

1. Millennial Creativity

I believe creativity has the power to change the world. What does it look like to live a creative life in today’s society?

2. Millennial Leadership

What does it look like to be a leader for tomorrow’s society?

3. Millennial Faith

The faith of tomorrow is undeniably different that the traditional faith of today. What does it look like to glorify God is a culturally relevant way?

All of your submissions will be edited for length and grammar. Once you send me your submission, I’ll update you on the status of your submission in a week.

You can either pitch the article to me in the form below, or copy and paste your article into the box.

Thank you and I look forward to reading your submissions!


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